Forest crane Palms 5.72

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Forest crane Palms 5.72

Forest crane Palms 5.72

  • Maximum reach: 7,2 m
  • Lifting capacity at 4 m: 1240 kg (215 bar)
  • Slewing torque: 17 kNm
  • Suitable for trailers: od 9S do 15U


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Piotr Wielanek
796 124 874

Maximum reach
7,15 m
Net lifting power on maximum reach
710 kg
Slewing moment
17 kNm
Slewing angle
380 degrees
Required pump capacity
constant: 50-90, LS: 100-130 l/min
Working pressure
190/215 bar
Length of the telescopic extension
1,95 m
Net lifting power on 4 m reach
1240 kg (215 bar)
Slewning cylinders
4 pcs.
Crane weight w/o support-legs and control-valve
820 kg
Weight of the flap-down legs
409 kg
Weight of the standard grapple and rotator
154 kg
Maximum rotator load
50 kN